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What We Do

BC Muslim School is an independent School registered pursuant with BC Ministry of education. We follow BC Ministry of Education Curriculum for Academic studies and additional curriculum for Islamic Studies Qur’an And Arabic.  Our children pray Duh’r Salaat in the Mosque. They also pray Jumma’h on Friday. Our aim is to provide proper Islamic education to…

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Educational programs

BC Muslim School is a Full range academic school. We have many Educational Program and activities for children. This include Field Trips, Science Fair, Scholastic Book Fair, Qur’an Competition, Hajj Presentation, Eid Celebration, World Hijab Day  etc. Our Children also enjoy Health and Well being day once a month, that encourage them to have healthy life…

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Highly Qualified Teachers

Teachers are the friend, philosopher and guide for children. They can contribute to build up a good human being. Our school has highly qualified teacher. All the teacher are certified by BC Ministry of Education in their are of expertise. They not only teach the academics but also teach the children behavioral aspects to be a…

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About the school

The BC Muslim School is an Independent School enrolling students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The purpose of BC Muslim School is to provide a superior standard of education to foster academic achievements and to cultivate an Islamic Spirit in each student. Our School motto is “Perseverance, Excellence, Commitment and Knowledge.”   The BC Muslim…

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