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About Us

Our School At A Glance

The BC Muslim School is an Independent School enrolling students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The purpose of BC Muslim School is to provide a superior standard of education to foster academic achievements and to cultivate an Islamic Spirit in each student. The goal behind Muslim education is to raise Muslim children in an environment that is friendly to Islam and where they identify with each other. And when they graduate, they will be practising and believing Muslims, ready to take their rightful place in society.

While aiming to meet or exceed the educational expectations of the Ministry, we strive to instil a strong sense of moral and social responsibility in our students. We want our students to excel in all areas, becoming productive citizens while upholding Islamic values and practices.

Our programs promote ethnic equality, religious tolerance, harmonious co-existence with diverse communities and understanding and appreciation for the democratic and pluralistic society we live in.

We endeavour to impart respect and obedience for the law, and expect all our students and staff to lead peaceful, law-abiding lives.

We unequivocally oppose and disallow ideologies promoting ethnic or religious intolerance, or the use of criminal violence for propagating or achieving any social or religious objective.



  • Perseverance
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Knowledge


  • Striving for excellence in all areas of education
  • Help students develop the knowledge, skills and the attitude necessary for leading positive and satisfying lives
  • Encourage and help students prepare for post-secondary education
  • Foster good conduct and etiquette based on Islamic principles
  • Strive for complete integration of Islam across the curriculum
  • Provide a solid Islamic Studies program that nurtures balanced and progressive minds



  • Providing a foundation based on Islam for life-long learning
  • Preparing students to assume their responsibilities as civilized adults
  • Committed to developing in our students the attitudes, skills and knowledge that are necessary for leading positive, satisfying lives
  • and becoming contributing members of the Islamic community and Canadian society at large.


BC Muslim School derive its mission and vision from the belief that future generations of young Muslims need both consciousness of their creator, Almighty Allah (God), and excellence in attitude and academics to succeed. This is achieved by raising the standards of education by focusing on the development of Islamic manners and good moral characters among our students, while simultaneously raising the academic standards by exceeding the BC Ministry of Education curriculum requirements. Our school strives to develop outstanding students who will be role models for future generations by combining academic excellence with an Islamic lifestyle.