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Extra Curricular Activites

At BC Muslim School we believe in Healthy Living. Healthier children are our future. For keeping our children healthy we have some extra curricular Activities. Extra Curricular Activities give children a lift from monotonous life. They enjoy these activities a lot and also learn from it. Our Extra Curricular Activities include:

Health & Well Being Day:

A healthy lifestyle helps a child maintain a healthy weight and build strong bones and muscles. Eating right and getting daily physical exercise benefit’s a child’s mental health. Physical activity improves a child’s ability to learn by increasing alertness and by reducing anxiety and stress. Working co-operatively in a team helps to build a child’s social skills and sportsmanship.

To promote a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally BC Muslim School has taken an initiative to have Health and Well-Being Day. Each month, there will be day dedicated to promoting the healthy lifestyle using different activities in a team setting similar to the annual BCMS Sports Day. On Health and Well-Being Day students enjoy board game, puzzle, science experiment, cooking and other activities.

Field Trips:

As part of learning our Students go to Field Trips. Field Trips gives an opportunity to learn practically. It is a good way to learn and experience things in real life. Every month our students go for field trip in different places like Science World, Space centre, Museum, Art Gallery, SFU, Cliffhanger, Our Grade 7 students also enjoy field trip in Camp Jubilee.

Qur’an Competition:

As a Islamic School we organize Annual Qur’an Competition. It’s open for all in grade category and also in challenge category. Qur’an Competition encourage children to learn and practice different surahs. It also help the students to recite Qur’an in appropriate manner and correct pronunciation. 

Sports day:

In BC Muslim School we have annual sports day for students. Every year our students enjoy a full day of sporting activity. Students are divided into teams and each team has it’s own colour code.  The team with highest score win the championship trophy.

Science Fair:

Science Fair encourage students to enjoy science experiment and to learn new ideas about science. BC Muslim School organize Science  Fair once a year.

Inter School Sports:

Another Extra Curricular Activity our students enjoy is Inter School Sports. This includes Hockey Day, Soccer Day and so on. BC Muslim School and Surrey Muslim School students visit each others school and participate and enjoy the Inter School Sports.


Camping is  also a part of our Extra Curricular Activities. Our students enjoy day camp with their friends and teachers. Our grade 7 students usually go to camp Jubilee.