Parent Committee

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Parent Committee

BC Muslim School has Parents Advisory Committee also known as PAC. The PAC is actively involve with the school. They organise Hot Lunch, Meet and Greet, Clothing drive, Pancake breakfast for students and staff and other events. There are many parent volunteer who are involved with PAC. If anybody is interested to join the PAC they can communicate with either Sr. Shazmin or Sr. Amber.


The following are the PAC Members:

Name                  Position

Sr. Shazmin                                  Chairperson

Sr. Amber                                      Vice Chair

Sr. Fereen                                      Secretary

Sr. Iram                                         Secretary in Training

Sr. Shazia                                      Vice Secretary in Training

Sr. Nadia                                       Hot Lunch Coordinator

Sr. Fatima                                      Co-Hot lunch Coordinator

Sr. Suha                                          Member

Sr. Heba                                         Member

Sr. Asmahan                                 Member