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Why Send Children To Muslim Schools

Why Send Children To Muslim Schools

Why Muslims should send their children to Islamic schools and why Muslim schools are good for our community and our children? Simply because:

The basics of Islam are taught and practiced in the school.

Almost all the teachers are Muslim and thus maintain an Islamic atmosphere in the classroom. Students are expected to wear Islamic attire and maintain a proper Islamic manner which is hopefully reflected in the rest of their lives.

There is less peer pressure to indulge in any un-Islamic behavior.
Topics covered in classes are presented from an Islamic perspective, thus enabling the students to relate to the world from an Islamic point of view. Muslim schools usually have small classes and a good student-teacher relationship.

The goal behind Muslim education is to raise Muslim children in an environment that is friendly to Islam and where they identify with each other. And when they graduate, they will be practicing and believing Muslims, ready to take their rightful place in society.

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In addition to the spiritual environment provided by Islamic schools, it is worth mentioning that the atmosphere is more disciplined and supportive because of the small class size. There is order and civility in comparison to some public schools. As a matter of fact Islamic schools are popular because they help Muslim parents bring their children as Canadian Muslims. The children receive answers to their questions about their religion and teachers explain why some Canadian daily life practices contradict Islamic beliefs and culture in a clear and understandable manner. This makes the parents’ task easier.

However, this does not mean that Muslim parents cannot raise their children at home. In fact they can if they have some time for their kids and if Islam as a lifestyle is present in the family. The only difference here is that

Muslim Schools focus on helping students strike a balance between Islam and Canadian culture and modernity because the importance of an Islamic environment cannot be replaced by the material advantages of living in a western country. Moreover, Islamic schools promote a young Muslim’s ability to practice and believe in Islam. Arabic, Qoranic studies, prayer, and other aspects of practicing Islam are included in the curriculum. During Ramadan, the month of fasting, students share the spiritual experience with their peers in Islamic schools, in comparison with public schools where some parents feel their children face “peer pressure.”

Islamic schools make the burden of raising Muslims in a country filled with Western images, symbols, role models, television characters, and so on easier.

Our Muslim School Teachers and Administration are:

Committed to providing children with quality academic education based on high moral values in an Islamic environment.

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